Installation Method

1. While fitting pavers first check for what purpose that land is going to used & prepare the base accordingly.

  • If paver installation is only for home use / regular use on basic land base We have to level with 1 to 2 inch Greet (ie powder mix greet)
  • For Apartment or the location of daily light traffic if possible level basic land With the help of roller then level by greet & fix the pavers.
  • On Roads, parking areas or petrol pump area PCC soling is must then Greet & fix the pavers.

2. Proper slope is required while fitting pavers .and check level with level tube/line ropeThat sunk is not there in between. in sunk region water will stopped and create fungus.

3. While fitting any paver design start work with properly using level tube /line rope. If brick design is there after fitting pavers must check with line rope.

4. Please handle rubber mould pavers carefully while unloading them and do not hit them Upon each other. while storing these pavers like both colour surfaces together.

5. The area where pavres are going to installed cover both sides with the help of cub-stone Or if that not possible lock last line of paver with concrete. If you don’t do this locking during rain sand below pavers drawn in water and paver base may get disturb.

6. May be in rainy season due to heavy load traffic paver surface get sunk so remove only those pavers repair the base and fit them again. After fitting pavers if possible fill the gaps with sand.


  • Medium level maintenance is required once laid. Sweep occasionally to remove dust and detritus. If you find green algae building up on them, it can be safely removed by cleaning or, we are told, by swilling the area with harpic to kill the algae, which can then be swept away after a couple of days. Uses of a pressure washer .Do not use any acid.
  • We recommend that block or brick paving be treated twice a year with a general weed killer such as Sodium Chlorate, to deter mosses and weeds from setting up residence in the sand joints.
  • Remove the wids from paver joints as its roots create gap in paver.
  • While painting of your house cover the pavers with plastic and still get paint stain immediately wash with water.