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Concrete Cover Blocks

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Concrete covers are frequently used in the construction of commercial developments, homes, bridges, municipalities, and other locations or projects requiring long-lasting, durability.
Concrete and steel reinforcement bars combine to create strong, resilient in the following ways :

  • Upon contact with each other, the cement paste and steel rebar form a non-reactive surface film preventing corrosion.
  • Reinforcement bars or beams can be strategically set throughout the concrete to achieve the required support system.
  • The bond created by utilizing rebar and concrete can also be attributed to the ridged rebar surface. This allows stresses to transfer from the concrete to the steel, and from the steel to concrete.
  • Concrete and steel have similar thermal expansion coefficients. Upon freezing or heating, they contract and expand in a similar manner, maintaining the structure needed.

Pure Cast concrete cover block are manufactured with superior high strength concrete, also we provide polypropylene fiber in it that can be used as secondary reinforcement to prevent cracking in non- reinforced concrete.

Concrete Cover Blocks
Concrete Cover Blocks

Recommendation for numbers & maximum distance between two purecast covers


Diameter of rebar


Nos. per meter


10mm to 16mm

1mtr to 1.25mtr

1 nos.


16mm to 20mm
Above 20mm

0.25 mtr
0.5 mtr
1 mtr

4 nos.
2 nos.
1 nos.


>8 / 10mm

0.7 mtr

4 nos M2
2 nos M2

Concrete Cover Blocks